Jordan & Gatorade Revamp A Prized Collection🏀

Nike News proudly reports,

26 years after the Gatorade and Jordan Brand first collaborated to quietly inspire with the “Be Like Mike” collections, these two Sport Relevants have now reunited to once again create magic on and off the court.

Both the Apparel giant and Beverage Benefactor wanted to materialize the evolution of the beloved collection “Be Like Mike” who’s campaigned spreads the message to challenge your greate self. Quite naturally that meaning has steadily


Now, being “Mike Like” is the testament of acting, walking, and being your greatest self at all times, despite any and all stressors or blockades.

The combination of colors and classic styles are enough to lure any sneaker enthusiast in range but I will no doubt cope me a pair, on the strength of it’s legacy.

Check em out.


                                                                                                       Stay tuned for more Shoe releases. Always be your greatest you.Until next time.imagesA0VZNA8K

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