Cardi & Jimmy Fallon Parlaying Live: Interview Bricking

I think she looks absolutely stellar and Beautiful in her green ensemble (I can only describe the outfit as that). I would also like to make the observation of her choice of hairstyle. For a gutter blood abbreviating Badass, I didn’t expect to see Carltons cousin fresh out of Bel Air sitting in Cardi’s chair.  She’s looking more like a privilege dripping with prestige juice in this video. The outfit, the hair, and entire vibe is domineering . This all makes fans believe that she is attempting to appear above reproach and unbothered by Offset’s cheating. I’m sure she doesn’t want Offsets this to become the center of attention so she is playing pretend.

I bet money Cardi doesn’t want to entertain any social scrimmage from her Fiancée bust down feasting with some INSTA-THOT-Trampoline. I can see right through this. Nice hair though, I would have tipped the stylish for that blessing




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