Avery Doesn’t Discriminate Rapes The Drunk & Unconscientious ALIKE!!!

Detroit Pistons very own Avery Bradley has apparently been smashing unconscious drunk women as a past time.  TMZ Sports has graciously reported Bradley entered into a confidentiality agreement with a female  reality star who earlier this year, accused him of sexual assault. Earlier on, Bradley was even entered into negotiations with the woman  which is a flaming “I am Guilty with a flash grenade” if you asked me.

$400k isn’t don’t embarrass my girlfriend publicly money, $400k is DISSAPERAR-DISSOLVE-! GO-THE -FUKK-AWAY-!!!FASTER!!!  hush-money.

celtics-avery-bradley-052617But Bradley’s attorney tells TMZ Sports he adamantly denies all wrongdoing — and only entered into the agreement to prevent false information from being made public.
Here’s what we know … the allegation stems from an incident on May 23 in Cleveland, Ohio. The woman involved claimed Bradley sexually assaulted her while she was passed out drunk.

At the time of the alleged raping ,Bradley was a member of the Boston Celtics were was sparring it out  in Cleveland with the Cavs during the  Eastern Conference Finals.

1228-avery-bradley-getty-3After the incident, the woman communicated with Bradley and accused him of the vicious assault. The two sides came together to work out a deal to keep her quiet and prevent her from releasing any video, photos or audio.

The fact that a video exists is not a great scenario for Bradley who is obviously guilt. It is something morbidly flawed regarding men with so much power and money that they no longer seek thrills in normalcy. Some of these men become monsters  believing that they are privilege to any and all things. There was no  way an unconscious woman can give consent.

And with the surplus of promiscuity and fame riding rampant in our society it would not be hard to find conscience women  who can consent to the tragically disappointing experience. I t will be interesting to see how this one develops.




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