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And what better can you expect for the prime and cultured specimen called “OFFSET” who cheats on Cardi B ,strokes after the engagement was announced , and man is his side chick a bone raging Volcanic eruption.



He may claim he doesn’t want marry a “black women” but it looks like he doesnt have a problem long digging one, and he did’nt choose any side Thottie to sow speckle. Nah.

Offset had to have a side erector with thighs thicker than molasses and wider then the Hallelujah Mountains on Pandora.

With 2018  fast approaching, Cardi B is  not seeming even a bit bothered by the chatter revolving around OFFSET’s  fire hydrant Bae-Sky Faith. Cardi B can pretend all she wants but she  has to feel “something” towards this news. Your man is cheating before the nuptials. All red flags are aglow. Faith Nketsi, who looks pretty black and scrumptious to me. Now we know what really turns “Offset” on!!!!


Here comes the cursed curve ball: Days after Cardi B confirmed Offset cheated on her after a video of him with a nude woman surfaced and Fans are believe Faith is the bucky booty beauty on tape. Offset cheated on Cardi B,  with Instagram model, Faith Nketsi. Offset and Faith are allegedly in this video together all giggly and pre-sexed which was reportedly shot in October 2017, while he and Faith were both in South Africa, according to MediaTakeOut. Fans believe the woman in the video and Faith have a uncanny resemblance and can help but to piece the two together.

According to Hollywoodlife.com fans are suggesting Faith as the alleged woman who came between Offset and Cardi, because the video mentioned up above came out at the same time [October 2017] as the video which showed Offset with a naked woman. Therefore, fans are placing Faith at the scene of both videos because of the ironically close timetable they were both shot. And, speculation grew even deeper when fans remembered that Cardi claimed she was “single” around the same time both videos were taken. But let’s be clear here: It is unclear if Cardi knew about her man’s infidelity before the video leak. However, reports claim she did know, which is why she said she was back on the market. But, that quickly ended, because she accepted Offset’s proposal later that month. Which isn’t looking like the smartest move. cardi side bae 2

cardi side bae z6

Well. I can’t say I’m surprise. Loyalty does seem like the Hip Hop industry’s strongest suit except when it come to paying allegiance to men and their own devices.

More of the disappointing story coming Up !!!



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