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A conscientious rapper is like a assault Rifle with an add-on. Especially in a music world saturated by mumble-rap kings, Trap Stars, and drug proponents whom Beats are so Lit we are slaves to the musical puppetry ring. Still the lyrics leave much to be desired, and thus we welcome a new era of enlightening. Our society is riddled with racism, a social construct that favors the rich while the poor is invisibly overlooked, and our president happens to be a filthy rich sexual predator with a bigger ego and launch codes. 

We have a situation of grave proportion here. But we will not Fret, Falter, or Fade.

KXNG is not the first rapper to “slap us awake” with lyrics demeaning social injustice and rallying our strength in declaration of our struggle. We know that we will be “Alright” regardless of the inequalities. KXNG has released “Good Vs Evil 2” to follow up his 2016 debut album.  Music of this caliber reminds us that beyond the rose-colored glamour there is always the realization of our still very present battle to be human. 



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