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OFFSET Proposed to Cardi B b/c shes “Not Black” Stop the Press!!!!

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Hold the phone. He didn’t just say that… Did he? OffSET from the Migos decides to open his racist ass mouth and guess what people. Sewage came falling out. During an interview with Booby Jones he ironically title “the color of love”  Offset notes that his proposal to Card B was influenced partly because she is “not black” I repeat., “not black”. I am astonish at this guys crassness and the fact that he has chosen to destroy his music career and Social image with one line. 

“[I proposed] because Cardi is real, she’s a good woman and she’s not African-American,” reads the quote.


Cardi’s attempting to facelift the damage, but if you asked me, this is as ignorant as it get. I listen to trap music, not hate music.

After Booby Jones uncomfortably explains to Offset that Cardi B is indeed Black , he replies like the ignorant ninja he is.

“Yeah I know but her color ain’t black and that’s why I’m marrying her, THAT WAY.”

Am  I the only one confused here? What is this obviously mentally challenged person trying to mumble to us? How is she “not ” black OFFSET? I’m started to understand the meaning of your name.

The interview no doubt caused a media uproar.  A group of women  on Twitter expressed outrage.  Really Offset? With all the black power supporting your entire career. You were raise by a black woman but your against marrying one? I’m not buying no more Migos albums, I don’t care how dope the beat is. They gets no play in my house.

Cardi’s now assuring fans that it’s far from the truth and just the work of someone super thirsty to get views. I think she should tell her man to keep his mouth edged and let her do the talking.


FAKE OR NAH? What do you think?







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