Side Pieces and Half Eaten Entrees

I still cant figure out who in the Hell authorized side pieces? Sure, Hookers, concubines, boy toys, etc.
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Our modern world has brought so many technological and cultural advances to our shabby little lives. What would we do without the iPhone, keyless entries, and a world so socially connected, we can now argue its flatness. But a socially perverse world has given birth to an uncharted realm of sexual indulgence and promiscuity . The possibility of losing your husband , or long-term partner to porn has always been an nightmare women have guarded against (A pole dancing class or learning a new audacious tongue technique usually get the sparks flying. However, many husbands have now spent countless hours, and resources on side relationships. It has been deemed a luxury to afford a benchwarmer incase the main player is missing her shots.

I still cant figure out who in the Hell authorized side pieces? Sure, Hookers, concubines, boy toys, etc. have existed for thousands of years, but those imperfections lived amongst the  shadows, never to be glorified. Now , saying that you “girl has a girlfriend” is some “cool stamp of approval” .It sounds like multiple clinic visits and antibiotics (hopefully) to me.

Thank You Rap music and your ability to yet again destroy and confuse. Hip Hop exalts the struggle, the hustle of doing what you must, and never showing too much emptions. Rap music id s befuddlement of liquor advertisement, plastic surgery enthusiasts. and governmental extermination hypnosis.

Please understand this brand of hypnosis  is extremely cheap and extremely effective. Do not get swept up in the hype, Healthy-loving families are built on trust, love, and effective communication.

50% of marriages in the United State fail. The statistical data for black marriages was so gross, it was not even worth mentioning. From my perception, wives/husbands should try investing more energy into the unions they vowed to cherish. Regardless of the God someone chooses to worship. There should not been any time, energy,  or money left to indulge in anyone else if two people are putting everything they have into each other.

Ladies and  Gents, don’t be fooled by the dingy diamonds , for the untrained eye, they sparkle just as bright.

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